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Wednesday, May 19, 2010
the end.
Tagged under: Life anecdotes

Once upon a time, I wanted him.
Through events, I wanted answers.
Through time, I only wanted to hear from him again.
When it all ended, I only wanted to keep the memories...


I finally overcame it - removing more or less 100 past entries that I've written in the year 2006, a handful of conversation logs, a secret blog which I kept those memories, the email I had sent to him in frustration.. everything.

It wasn't easy.. having kept them for so long. But you're right. It's time.
I won't look back anymore. Now that I have nothing left in the past.

This will be my last entry in this blog.
My new life will begin in a new dimension.

Over, and out.

by yujin at 6:06 pm
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Tagged under: Life anecdotes

I will thank my enemies today, for one day I will achieve great success and turn them green in envy; Because I simply love to win.

I will become stronger, as I won't settle with being looked down and insulted; Because I know I can achieve.

And I will not be faltered by words uttered by people who envy me, for they will mean nothing at all.

by yujin at 11:11 pm
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Tuesday, May 04, 2010
the comeback.
Tagged under: Life anecdotes

I Will Be Back. To Blogosphere.
This time, I will be in a whole new space. Catch me later :)

by yujin at 3:19 am
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Saturday, November 07, 2009
the truth.
Tagged under: Relationships

I finally see for myself the very person you are.

No. Should i say that,
You've finally proved to me, the very person you are that I've been denying to myself all these while.

by yujin at 3:08 pm
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009
trivial things.
Tagged under: Mindless jabber

Too many a time I felt like writing something more in here.. but failed. This entry will be no exception. The past month had been such a lousy month for me.. and there's still no end to it, yet. But i'm tired. Yes, i'm tired.

by yujin at 4:08 pm
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
i will learn.
Tagged under: Relationships

Learning to worry less wthout caring less, but more :)

by yujin at 3:21 am
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Friday, May 08, 2009
communication breakdown.
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A serious communication breakdown, as I call it. And it gets worse as it goes...

Oh wells.

I'm so tired of my work coming one after another, it always felt like i'm dealing with things all by myself.. And I'm finally so tired I feel like breaking down - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

7 more days left.

by yujin at 12:48 am
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Saturday, March 28, 2009
musings and ramblings.
Tagged under: Mindless jabber

I'm surprised to see how some people at work are not any different than what i consider school girls/boys. In terms of their mentality, that is.

One is a colleague who depends on me for simple things ever since I helped her out with some of her work. For someone 4 years older than me, and more than 7 months experience than me in the field, she'd ask me for my opinion - that's still okay, but if that's not enough - followed by step by step instructions to resolve HER issues she faced when doing HER work. And when it's especially hard to explain certain things through email, I'd at least expect she get the drift from those steps i told her to do and slowly find her way out from there.

Wrong. Just after she seemingly followed my step by step instructions, she came back to me and tell me 'it did not work'.

I had to tell her to 'debug and see what went wrong', while she'll ask me 'what to debug'. And the cycle continues with me giving her step by step instructions to debug (not really, but considering i have to tell her how and where to put the debug)... Until I went over to her place (client's) to see for myself she actually misunderstood what i meant, and did simple mistakes which she surprisingly didn't realise at all. Heck. She even asked me to help her do print screens so that she could use it when she document the technical specifications later -.-

Certainly did remind of certain someone during my first year in Uni.

Another one, is a new staff which i only recently spoke with after I knew him through my sit-in training on some development tool. He is a 'senior consultant' whose mandarin is probably not even half of my half-assed mandarin (sorry i just felt the urge to highlight the latter). So anyways, I speak mandarin and cantonese in the office mostly, as did i during the training. One fine day, we were early for the training so we talked. He asked me which University am i from after i told him i'm an intern.

Following the answer i gave him, he said "Oh. I thought so." Smirk.

Wtf? I was a bit offended, knowing clearly he meant to think i'm one of those china(pronounced chee-naa)-speaking lousy england students, though i'd give him the benefit of doubt and actually be polite and clarify with him, I asked him why he thought so. He paused for a moment and said "Sorry for generalizing." 

See, i knew it.

I defended politely and told him that not every graduate from UTAR speaks poor english, especially if he were to meet those students undertaking business or social science. Sadly, he didn't quite agree still, but well enough, he did so politely.

So fine with me. I didn't quite blame him because I do feel that UTAR students' standard of england can be very the poor, but i don't deny i felt offended when he thought i was the same as them. Until later that day, somehow they came to talk about marriage between relatives, about which type is forbidden and which is not. He eventually concluded the topic by saying that marriage between blood relatives isn't good. When someone asked why, to quote what he said:

"When people marry their relatives it makes their offspring stupid, because it's between the similar pair of genes (or he mentioned blood rather than genes, was it lol?), there's no variety to it. That's why you see those kampung people, why are they not smart? Because they always marry between their own."

I swear, thank god we're in closed doors or i'll bet he would have broken a few limbs or be beaten to death if ONE malay kampung-ian hears this. Seriously. That was so offensive that i felt like telling him straight up with my so-broken-chee-na-speaking-engrand,

"So dey, which kampung are you from la?".
If you get what i mean.


And you wonder why Malaysia is a land of goons filled with people who speak without their brains. It's not everyday in any other country that when you open the papers you'll get see a couple of them. That's why we're so speshiul :)

by yujin at 9:18 pm
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Thursday, March 26, 2009
thursday evening.
Tagged under: Relationships

An ordinary Thursday evening turned out as nothing short of a lovely surprise.. :)


by yujin at 10:14 pm
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Sunday, February 15, 2009
tiger is a kat.
Tagged under: Randoms, Relationships

Helluu all.

Please meet tiger the kat! He is a gentle, cute but stoned kat. My kat.


Don't be surprised. Although he does not look like one in there, tiger is just a tad bit smaller than a real tiger and he meows instead of rawrs. After all, he does have proud tiger stripes on his back. 

And we look so adorable together!

Pardon him, he's just camera shy.

Today onwards, tiger will be my new companion through all walks of life :)!


On the other hand, do also meet the big, but authentic kat.

He ish loving, caring, understanding, adorable and handshome-est of all kats. Most of all, he sings like Michael Buble, ftw!

Thank you for getting lovely tiger for me :)


by yujin at 7:43 pm
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